Trusted Research and Innovation

Trusted Research is a term used by the UK government and the research and innovation sector and aims to secure the integrity of the system of international collaboration, which is vital to the continued success of research and innovation in the UK.

Lancaster’s Vision is to be a university that is globally significant - a sector leader and innovator that delivers the highest quality research, teaching and student experience, and that engages locally, nationally, and internationally. By following the principles of Trusted Research and Innovations our international research, enterprise and engagement collaborations can be conducted in a safe, secure, and transparent way, supporting the UK’s research integrity and strong ethical frameworks.

Trusted Research is particularly relevant to researchers in STEM subjects, dual-use technologies, emerging technologies, and commercially sensitive research areas

Advice and Guidance

The Trusted Research advice and guidance has been produced by the UK’s National Protective Security Authority in consultation with the research and university community and is designed to help the UK's world-leading research and innovation sector get the most out of international scientific collaboration.

University staff have a responsibility to reflect on their work and partnerships, including collaborators and funders, and to identify and mitigate the risks of hostile interference. As such they should ensure familiarity with the advice and guidance on how to protect research on the following website Trusted Research Guidance for Academic includes details to:

  • Identify the potential risks and make informed decisions around those risks.
  • Conduct international collaborations confidently, safely, and securely.
  • Protect intellectual property, sensitive research, and personal information.
  • Protect research and staff from potential theft, misuse, and exploitation.