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With world-leading academic staff and world-class facilities, our Chemistry Department is at the forefront of teaching and research.


Dr Nick Evans, Head of the Department of Chemistry, welcomes you to Lancaster University.

Chemistry is a fascinating subject that we are all incredibly passionate about here at Lancaster. Often referred to as the “central science”, chemistry provides us with a unique perspective of the universe, emerging from the fundamental properties and interactions of atoms and molecules. Learning to control chemical processes enables us to shape the world around us. As the scientific study of the matter that makes up everything around us, chemistry allows us to continually push boundaries of understanding, and to carry out research that advances knowledge and improves lives.

The impact of chemistry on society is immense, from solving challenges in energy and climate change, food production, clean water, to developing pharmaceuticals and the development of new materials. Chemistry is enhancing capture and storage of energy, underpinning society’s shift to net zero and the electric vehicle revolution. Greater understanding of the chemical processes in cells enables the development of new medical treatments, whilst new synthetic routes and catalysts are being developed to make the chemical industry greener and more sustainable.

The undergraduate chemistry degree programmes at Lancaster are research-led, being taught by staff who are committed to advancing the frontiers of chemistry. Our modern curriculum (accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry), is designed to deliver chemistry in an integrated form, rather than in the traditional silos of inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry. Our purpose-built teaching and research laboratories are housed in the recently fully refurbished Chemistry Building. Here you will receive hands-on training in the fundamental techniques of modern practical chemistry. Beyond chemistry, our degree programmes are designed to develop key transferable skills, which are so important for enhancing your career prospects in chemistry and beyond, including communication and presentation skills, and competency in mathematics and computing. Previous graduates have gone into postgraduate study, the chemical industry, teaching and a broad range of graduate-level jobs.

Three features that really set us apart are:

(i) an exceptional student experience (evidenced by our track record in the NSS);

(ii) excellent staff-student ratios and

(iii) an opportunity for all of our students to carry out genuinely novel research.

We believe the Department is a highly supportive environment committed to your success - a feature that our students often highlight is the accessibility of our academic staff. We have recently renewed our Athena SWAN Award which recognises the Department’s values and focus on people, in being inclusive and in providing opportunity and support for all our students and staff.

We welcome you to our Department!

Dr Nick Evans, Head of Department

Dr Nick Evans, Head of Department
Dr Nick Evans, Head of Department