Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Much of the analytical equipment available in Chemistry requires some form of sample preparation, and shared equipment is available for some applications.

CEM Discover SP-D

CEM Discover SP-D microwave digestion system is currently located in cTAP C01 Industrial Project Laboratory and is bookable here.

The Discover SP-D performs acid digestion of samples using focused microwave irradiation for rapid heating and cooling of samples. Active pressure management enables safe operation up to 500 bar pressure, along with programmable safe venting of reaction gases at specified pressure points.

The Discover SP-D doubles as a microwave reaction system for microwave assisted reactions requiring controlled, programmable heating control and capable of controlling elevated pressures.

CEM Phoenix Microwave Furnace

This instrument is currently sited in cTAP C01 Industrial Project Laboratory and is bookable here.

Rapid, accurate high-temperature furnace (up to 1200 °C) utilizes microwave power with bespoke instrument components to achieve focused microwave heating with programmable control with increased safety and application compatibility.

The microwave furnace is compatible with all types of crucible including platinum, housing up to 8 × 25 ml crucibles within the bespoke furnace interior.

Hettich Universal 320R Centrifuge

This is a higher performance communal bench top centrifuge with optional cooling in B07. This has a small number of adaptors for different-sized tubes, but you may need to transfer your sample to different tubes to use this. If you wish to use this, contact Dr Lefteris Danos.

There are also two mini centrifuges in A73 and A75 that can be used - contact Dr Geoffrey Akien for those.


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