Optical Spectroscopy

An optical spectrometer

The Department is equipped with a wide and varied range of instruments for optical spectroscopy, including dedicated CD and time-resolved fluorescence equipment.


CD - Applied Photophysics Chirascan-plus

Location: Faraday Building A63

Lifetime fluorescence

Picoquant FluoTime 300 and Picoquant MicroTime 200 instruments are available for lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, respectively. Contact Dr Lefteris Danos if you are interested in using this equipment.

UV-vis and infrared

The Department is also equipped with a wide range of more conventional UV-vis and IR, but these do not have dedicated booking systems.



Geoffrey Akien

Dr Geoffrey Akien

Experimental Officer (NMR)

B017, B - Floor, Chemistry Building
Lefteris Danos

Analytical and Spectroscopy Research Group, Electrochemical and Surfaces Research Group, Energy Lancaster, MSF Supervisors 2019/20, Physical and Analytical Chemistry