Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN

We are passionate about challenging outdated social perceptions regarding women in science.

We believe that the involvement of women in chemistry research and teaching is essential to its advancement as a subject.

We have therefore resolved to be part of the University-wide effort to encourage and nurture gender equality and diversity in higher education. In recognition of this, we are delighted that our Department received a Bronze Athena SWAN award in May 2016. We will continue to meet and exceed this standard in the future. Indeed, as a result of our Athena SWAN work to promote gender equality in the Department, as many as 58% of our chemistry undergraduate students and 40% of chemistry postgraduate students are women. In addition, 40% of our teaching, research and support staff in Chemistry are women (2018 data).


The Athena SWAN Charter

The Department of Chemistry is committed to adopting the 10 key principles of the Athena SWAN Charter within our working practices, action plans and culture.

Fostering Gender Equality and Inclusivity

As part of our Athena SWAN commitments, we have taken a number of actions towards ensuring fair and transparent recruitment of staff and students, fostering inclusive working and teaching practices, and promoting an inclusive culture in all areas of departmental life for staff and students alike.

Athena SWAN Bronze Award

We have received an Athena SWAN Bronze Award as a result of having successfully carried out a detailed and honest self-assessment of the department. We have proposed an ambitious, measurable and timely action plan towards promoting gender equality and inclusivity.