Students working in a Chemistry laboratory

Eureka Moments

Our students love studying Chemistry at Lancaster. We asked them to share their thoughts and experiences to give you a flavour of life here in the Chemistry Department.

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Kate Fraser

“I feel like I’ve made friends from Chemistry who will stay with you your whole life. The lecturers want you to do well and if I knock on their doors, they always want to help. They won’t just give you the answers though; they’ll just guide you through so that you can work it out for yourself.”

Alex Haslam

“When I think about how far I’ve come as a person, and as a chemist, and I think about the friends that I’ve gained and the independence – chemistry will be in my life forever.”

Emily Mason

“The lab atmosphere is really nice – it’s like the atmosphere on campus. When you can start to relate things you’re doing outside of the course, or when you do real-life applications when you’re learning, that sort of thing makes me think that this is the course for me and this is why I chose this course.”

Beth Murdock

“Choosing to study Chemistry at Lancaster University is one of the best decisions I’ve made. We have a close-knit community and you get a sense that the lecturers care about what you’re doing.”

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