Dr John Fielden

Reader in Synthetic Chemistry


Position available: PhD studentship - synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid materials with switchable optical properties. Deadline 19th Jan 2024, for details and to apply see here

Dr. Fielden completed his MSci in Chemistry at the University of Bristol in 2000, and moved to the University of Glasgow for his Ph.D (2004) under the supervision of Prof. Leroy Cronin. After post-doctoral positions at Ames Laboratory (Iowa State University) and the University of Manchester, he was awarded a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship hosted at Emory University by Prof. Craig L. Hill. He joined the University of East Anglia as a lecturer in 2012 and became Reader in Synthetic Chemistry at Lancaster in 2023. John is interested in the synthesis and optical and photophysical properties of coordination compounds and clusters, particularly relating to solar energy conversion and non-linear optics. The main focus of his independent work has been the study of arylimido-polyoxometalates (a-POMs) as materials for photonics and energy, and recently, development of luminescent sensors for i-motif DNA with Dr Zoë Waller (UCL School of Pharmacy). To see a YouTube video about this work, click here.