Professor Peter Fielden

Emeritus Professor

Research Overview

Peter Fielden's research is focused on Analytical Science – the quantitative measurement of chemical and biochemical species in a diversity of environments. Sensors and sensing systems based on electroanalysis enable the detection of very low concentrations of metal ions in solution through to process monitoring in water treatment. Electrokinetic separation systems, with a special emphasis on the technique of isotachophoresis, have been applied to a diverse range of measurement challenges. Such sensing and separation systems may be integrated with microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices. The fabrication of micro and nanostructures in polymers has enabled the development of a range of lab-on-a-chip measurement systems. Microfluidics has been applied to the generation of concentration profiles through fluidic resistor networks, and also to the generation of multiphase microfluidics (droplets) for very high-throughput analysis. This approach has is being applied to drug discovery, formulation and life-science research.