Dr Vilius Franckevicius


Research Overview

Our research programme lies at the heart of organic synthesis and contemporary metal catalysis, and focuses on the discovery and development of new waste-minimised and sustainable synthetic tools for the efficient assembly of organic molecules in an asymmetric manner. We are, in particular, interested in decarboxylative C–C bond formation methods, which, unlike traditional catalytic cross-coupling approaches, avoid the use of basic or harsh reaction conditions and, save for carbon dioxide, which is easily removable, do not generate stoichiometric amounts of by-products or harmful waste.

We have several PhD projects available in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and catalysis in its broadest sense, although funding is currently not available. We welcome applications from self-funded students or from students seeking external funding who have a strong passion for synthetic chemistry. As such, you will have access to brand new state-of-the-art laboratories and analytical equipment, including high-field NMR, mass spec, HPLC and others. Training in synthesis and compound characterisation, as well as project supervision will be provided. As part of our research group, you will also have the opportunity to expand your chemical knowledge base, and practise your presentation and writing skills on a regular basis.