Andrew Raven

PhD student, Associate Lecturer


The working title of my thesis is The Intertexture of Literature: Compositional Intertextuality in Romantic era Draft Materials. My research is concerned with the interpretation of literary production. It seeks to show how theories of intertextuality have always been concerned with composition, despite the fact that they have often overlooked draft materials as such. The project is a response to recent calls for a closer alignment of textual criticism and literary criticism (notwithstanding older calls for the very same thing). My thesis provides readings of literary draft materials by Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats and their respective collaborators. The project is supervised by Professor Sally Bushell.

My PhD research has been funded by an AHRC NWCDTP +3 Full-Time Award. I was a recipient of the 2016 Everett Helm Visiting Scholarship, which enabled me to undertake a fellowship at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. In 2016 my essay ‘In the Archives with Lamb, Shelley and Disraeli’ came second in the Keats-Shelley Essay Prize. I have a BA in English Literature from the University of Cumbria and an MA in Literary Studies from Lancaster University. I'm currently working on various articles, concerning romantic textual scholarship, Wordsworth's draft processes, and the poetry of Gene Derwood.

This academic year I have been teaching on Lancaster’s ENGL100 Module; I also delivered a lecture on Felicia Hemans and Elizabeth Landon for ENGL207. Currently, I am acting as academic coordinator for two of this year's summer schools: Introducing Britain and Understanding Britain. Previous to my current teaching duties, I have worked as a tutor and lecturer for Lancaster University’s International Summer School, and I have been an 'online mentor' for Lancaster University's MOOC 'Wordsworth: Poetry, People and Place'.