Luke Turley

PhD student

Thesis Outline

My thesis explores how magic and fantasy engages with increasingly tense political issues, asking how, by using magic as a metaphor for power and agency, it troubles the current state of things.

Each chapters will engage with a specific political framework – Feminism, Environmentalism, Capitalism, Governance, Religion, and Race ­– and will consist of case studies where I analyse specific texts, focusing on how post-1997 Fantasy can both inform and be informed by Millennial political viewpoints.

Ultimately what I will prove is that any text which incorporates magic must be considered part of a wider discourse on power and must be a read as a political text. Furthermore, that texts post-1997 have been strongly informed and influenced by the millennial generation – the Harry Potter generation – and the liberal political ideologies they, for the majority, espouse.

Next-Gen 2019
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Gothflix 2020
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