Easy Access Intellectual Property

Alongside commercial agreements, Lancaster University offers access to selected technologies as "Easy Access IP". These technologies are offered royalty-free, and licensed via a short and simple (one page) agreement (template available on this website for inspection).

Our aim is to maximise partnerships with industry and ultimately, the transfer of university knowledge for public benefit. We recognise that for certain technologies, this is best achieved via Easy Access IP.

At Lancaster University the criteria for selection of Easy Access technologies include the following:

  • Very early stage technologies whose further development is best done outside the University
  • Technologies where we recognise that the licensee will need to invest significantly in order to generate a product
  • Technologies where a public good outweighs the desire for a commercial return

How Easy Access IP Works

(You are a limited company or other incorporated body)
1. You select a technology of interest, and contact the Intellectual Property Team.
2. You discuss with us and our researchers (under a confidentiality agreement if you wish) your ideas for the technology.
3. You write a "Statement of Intent" (one page), to tell us what (and how and when) you will achieve with the technology.
4. If we accept your proposal, we and you sign an Easy Access Agreement and you're in business!

Click here for a list of Easy Access IP available from Lancaster University.

Acknowledgment: The Easy Access IP concept was pioneered by the University of Glasgow with support from the University of Bristol and Kings College London. It has since been formally adopted by Lancaster University and other universities within and outside the UK. Click here to learn more.

Contact Us

To enquire about IP support, please contact:

Jessica Wenmouth
Comercialisation Impact Manager

T: +44 (0)1524 593609
E: j.wenmouth@lancaster.ac.uk