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Publications and Research (Pure) is Lancaster University's research information management system, and is designed to collate information from numerous systems at Lancaster and display the information in one central location. The information visible externally via Lancaster's Research Directory and internally through Pure.

How does Pure collect and use research information

Pure pull data from various systems including those used by P.O.E. and LUSI. to populate your profile as well as pulling information about grant applications and awards from Lancaster's finance systems.

The workflow below provides a simplified view of the data flow.

a workflow diagram of Pure systems interacting. Showing how data flows from Staff and student databases into Pure and then out of Pure onto websites.

Pure pulls data from Lancaster systems by pulling the data into a Data Hub/Warehouse allowing Pure to link to as single data source. Examples of this are Person records created for staff and PGR students (taken from HRCore and LUSI (Lancaster University Student Information) as well as Application and Awards (pulled from Agresso Costing and Pricing). AS some of this information is synced it is not editable by users.

Pure also links to external systems like Data Monitor, ORCID and SciVal to automatically add information on metrics datasets, research outputs and more.

After collating the data Pure populates Lancaster research directory allowing staff to search and access research by other academics at the university. Pure also links to sites such as equipment portals (N8 Equipment and Equipment.net), ORCID and Lancaster University Repository (ePrints).

How do I enter information into Pure?

Users can then add their own information on their research including, Research outputs, Activities, Datasets, Impacts and Equipment, allowing each of these records to be linked to faculties, departments, research groups and centres. Users can also link records togther in Pure to build a narrative of their research:


What I want to enterWhat to create in Pure
Grant application Application (pulled from ACP, not editable)
Grant award Award (pulled from Agresso, not editable)
Research project Project (created automatically and can be edited)
Published journal article Research output (created by user)
Conference presentation Activity (created by user)
A change someone told me happened because of my research Impact (created by user)

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