Publications and Research (Pure) is Lancaster University's research information management system, and is designed to collate information from numerous systems at Lancaster and display the information in one central location. The information visible externally via Lancaster's Research Directory and internally through Pure.

To Access Pure

To access the Lancaster Pure system please click here. you should automatically be logged in through the CoSign system used by the university. If you are directed to a login page for Pure please contact rso-systems@lancaster.ac.uk.

Updating your information is easy; follow our helpful userguides and if you need further support please email RSO Systems or call Chris Adams on 01524 592084.

Information stored in Pure is also used to populate departmental staff profile pages.

Publication Validation

For queries about publication validations please see the Library's support page.


Read about the Pure REF2021 module guidance for departments, module administrators and Unit of Assessment Coordinators here.

Research Information

Pure synchronises information from the following systems; Core (HR), LUSI (students), Agresso (awarded projects) and ACP/pFact (applications). Information from Pure is fed onto the Research Directory (also known as the Pure portal) and publications/profile information is reused on the departmental pages. The diagram below summarises these links.

Please note: any changes to Pure will update the Research Directory instantly, while the department pages can take between 2-8 hours to update.

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