Visibility in Pure

All content in Pure has a specific visibility setting that controls where the information can be displayed.

Visibility settings are Pure are:

  • Public – No restriction (Items won’t appear online unless they are set to “Public”)
  • Campus – specific IP range (Only visible online if accessed on campus)
  • Backend – Restricted to Pure (will not appear online)
  • Confidential – Restricted to associated users and editors


To change visibility settings in Pure please see the appropriate user guide.


Default visibility settings



Staff                           –              Public - No restriction

PhD Students            –             Backend  - Restricted to Pure



Applications                –             Backend  - Restricted to Pure

Awards (Grants)         –             Backend  - Restricted to Pure

Projects                      –             Public – No restriction



Research Outputs       –            Public – No restriction                                            

Activities                     –            Public – No restriction

Datasets                    –             Public – No restriction

Impact                       –             Public – No restriction

Press and Media        –            Public – No restriction

Prizes                         –            Public – No restriction