Professor Kathryn Toghill

Professor in Sustainable Electrochemistry and Energy Materials

Research Overview

Renewable energy sources have advanced tremendously in the past 20 years, but these developments are fundamentally limited by a lack of suitable long duration energy storage systems. My research aims to further harness intermittent wind and solar generation by developing flexible, low-cost electrochemical energy storage systems (i.e. redox flow batteries) and explore electrochemically generated "green" fuels (hydrogen, CO2 reduction). My focus is on creating sustainable versions of these technologies, using low cost, environmentally friendly and abundant materials that have long-term potential as viable energy carriers in the future global energy network. Beyond energy I also look at transformative electrochemical health care platforms, looking to advance disease diagnostics.

Campus in the City 2024

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  • Electrochemical and Surfaces Research Group
  • Energy Lancaster
  • Energy Storage
  • FST Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • MSF Supervisors 2019/20
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