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Research Training

The Graduate School provides a programme of research training designed to provide you with the necessary skills to support you in the successful completion of your research degree, but to also support your personal development during your time as a postgraduate researcher.

We will be running a mix of online and in-person workshops during the 2021-22 academic year and we’re exploring ways that we might be able to run hybrid workshops.

There’s a range of workshops on offer, ranging from giving you time to think about how to maintain your own wellbeing through the PhD experience and to help you prepare to present your research at conferences. We also offer several writing sessions to help you find the space to get your thesis done and careers to sessions to guide you in thinking about what comes next. Further details of the workshops that we offer can be found in the information below.

These workshops are not a compulsory part of your study, but we highly recommend that you attend some training workshops during your time as research student. It’s a great way to learn new skills, but also to meet other PGRs outside of your research area.

We organise other workshops throughout the year and will update the information below when we do. We’ll also send out monthly messages to your Lancaster email address to remind you of the activities taking place.

If you have suggestions for workshops that we might offer or other ways that we might help to support your PhD experience, please get in touch.

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