Student Engagement

Access over 4,200 science and technology students through internships, careers fairs, collaborative research projects, year in industry programmes, volunteering programmes and recruitment services.

Our Expertise

Your organisation can access expertise from across our science and technology disciplines. These include biological and environmental sciences, computer science, communications systems, chemistry, a range of engineering disciplines, geography, mathematics and statistics, physics, and psychology.

As well as their chosen degree subject, our students are skilled in problem solving, analysis, critical reflection, oral and written communications, and negotiation. We evaluate the needs of each organisation and match these to the appropriate student through a competitive process.

Ways to Engage

We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to meet, work with and recruit skilled science and technology students and graduates.

Other Services

Whether you want to develop a new product, compete in a new market, enhance your organisation's performance, tap into our diverse skill-set, or work alongside us in world-leading facilities, we have the expertise and resources you need.

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