Office Space, Lab Space and Low Cost Shared Space in the Lancaster Environment Centre

Our award-winning buildings enable environmental businesses to co-locate onto the Lancaster University campus and work alongside our cutting-edge researchers in a unique collaborative environment.

The Lancaster Environment Centre is a community of world class environmental researchers, high achieving students, government scientists and commercial enterprises working together to address today’s biggest environmental challenges. Our facilities for business are the best of their kind and our office spaces were highlighted as an exemplar in a government report on universities-businesses interactions.

We welcome both local and international digital centric businesses. We have housed more than 50 companies since 2007, and worked with over 1000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since 2005, supporting them with European Regional Development Funds in excess of £18.5m.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour and have look inside! Click below to view our 360-degree film of the Lancaster Environment Centre.
We recommend this film is viewed on tablet, mobile or one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

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Contact Us

If you want to find out more about our facilities, please contact:

Synne Darwell
Business Co-location Administrator 

+44 (0)1524 510409

Why Host Your Business at the Lancaster Environment Centre?

  • Lancaster University is ranked in the top 10 for interactions with SMEs
  • Proven track record of success – over 1000 SMEs assisted through funded projects and programmes and over 50 businesses housed in LEC since 2007
  • Work with our team to help build relationships with our local, national and global contacts
  • Access to international markets through our international collaborative programmes
  • Access extra resources from skilled students all year round
  • Opportunities to partner with the University in the delivery of training
  • Access to the wider university community
  • Collaboration with other resident companies

Our Facilities

Our wide range of research interests demands an equally wide range of facilities and equipment. These enable integrated studies of terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric systems, using chemical, biochemical, physical and biological analysis.

Small World Consulting

"Being based on the campus is of immeasurable value to my business. We have frequent contact with academics from many different departments. We draw upon the academics' expertise, and they often draw upon ours. At any one time, there are usually several collaborations going on, some commercial and others research-based. Above all, we value the continuous exchange of ideas."

Mike Berners-Lee, Director, Small World Consulting Limited

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Hot Desking

Hot desking in Lancaster Environment Centre is a great way to meet other companies and academics for potential collaborations, expand your networking opportunities and gain access to knowledge through our Business Development Managers.

The hot desk space has six desks within an open plan office. Companies are notionally given 1 day a week to use their desk. The current price for a desk is around £40 per month

Lancashire and the Northwest

Lancashire is in the Northwest of England and has a large and diverse economy consisting of a strong mix of over 35,000 registered companies representing all sectors of the UK economy. Lancaster is well connected by road and rail to Manchester and Liverpool. London is just a 2.5-hour train ride away.

Resident Companies

These companies are currently co-locating in the Lancaster Environment Centre: