Over £45 million has been invested in your environment to provide state-of-the-art facilities, including modern workshops and laboratories and highly specialised equipment.


We have invested over £30 million in laboratories, equipment, study and social spaces. Housed in the Faraday Building, these facilities opened in July 2016. Facilities include teaching laboratories, and software for undertaking quantum and molecular mechanical calculations.


This award-winning building opened in March 2015 and provides cutting-edge equipment and resources. These include mechanical workshops, a 3D printing suite and a chemical engineering lab.

Lancaster Environment Centre

We have 15 purpose-built glasshouse modules dedicated to plant science and ecological research. We have some of the world’s best analytical facilities for environmental research. Our noble gas lab is the only university lab in the UK with magnetic sector instrumentation.


We are undergoing an £11.4M refurbishment. This will equip the Physics department with state-of-the-art teaching labs and study spaces. The new IsoLab is a research facility for quantum technologies and ultra-low temperatures. Here we cool materials to some of the coldest temperatures ever measured on earth. Our research activities include particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.

Computing and Communications

Our Department has 5 dedicated undergraduate labs and open access to a 96 1.5 TB RAM virtualization cluster. We have a testbed for Software Defined Networking (SDN). Other facilities include digital fabrication facilities and eye-tracking equipment. We have industrial control systems to test security issues within these networks.

Mathematics and Statistics

The department is home to the Postgraduate Statistics Centre. We are a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Postgraduate Statistics (HEFCE 2005). We provide modern teaching spaces alongside dedicated lecture theatres.


The Psychology Department is home to one of the largest developmental centres in the UK. We have a dedicated facility for behavioural testing and infancy research. In our observational laboratories we have a ‘moving wall’ laboratory. Other facilities include eye-tracking equipment and an infant EEG lab.

Quantum Technology Centre

We have a £4 million Class 100 cleanroom with state-of-the-art nanofabrication facilities. It also has a cryogen-free dilution refrigerator system and ultra-low temperature facilities. The centre also contains molecular beam epitaxial reactors and nanoscale microscopy characterisation facilities.