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Psychology Employability Programme

The Psychology Employability Programme is a joint initiative created by the Psychology Department, the Science and Technology Business Partnerships and Enterprise team, and Careers.

About COVID-19

The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and anyone else involved in the activities undertaken by the University. This includes taking particular precautions relating to COVID-19.

The risk from COVID-19 will be treated like any other health and safety hazard. This means that we will include checks relating to the safety of all interns with specific reference to the virus when facilitating internships. The University continues to support the government instruction which is currently that everyone who can work at home must do so until further notice.

Where interns are required to work on company premises or undertake site visits we will expect host organisations to also follow current government guidelines.


We have developed partnerships with local and national organisations to provide current Psychology undergraduate students with volunteering opportunities to help develop skills for a career in Psychology. There are also opportunities to volunteer as a research assistant to staff in the Psychology Department.


  • Why volunteer?

    Volunteering is an excellent route to employment, but there are many good reasons why people volunteer and lots of rewards. Here is our top ten:

    1. Make a difference to the lives of others
    2. Learn about the sector you want to work in after you graduate
    3. Try something new which may lead you to change or confirm your career plans
    4. Give something back to your community and organisations that may have helped you or someone you know
    5. Help others less fortunate or without a voice
    6. Get to know your local community and expand your network of careers contacts
    7. Gain new skills, knowledge and experience and develop existing skills and knowledge
    8. Meet new people, make new friends, and become part of a team
    9. Gain confidence and self-esteem
    10. Enhance your CV and improve your employment prospects

    All of our volunteering opportunities can contribute to the Lancaster Award.

    Why the British Psychological Society thinks you should volunteer

    "For young people and students, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to learn, develop, increase knowledge and gain some real world experience. It can enhance your CV and help increase your confidence. Volunteering your services to help others is not just hugely satisfying; it can also teach you skills that are invaluable to potential employers.

    "If you are a psychology undergraduate finding work experience through volunteering is an excellent way to gain practical insight into a career in psychology and can give you the opportunity to find out whether you enjoy this type of work. Many postgraduate training programmes will require you to demonstrate significant relevant work experience in order to gain a place on their course."

    British Psychological Society

  • How do I apply?

    You need to be a current undergraduate student at Lancaster University, studying Psychology as part of your degree programme. Opportunities will be advertised on the science and technology internships website.

    Register on our website and follow us on Facebook for vacancy updates.

    • Applications will be made online, through the website
    • Submit your CV and covering letter for the opportunities which appeal to you
    • You can apply for up to three opportunities each year
    • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by university staff and the host organisation

    See our current psychology volunteering opportunities

  • Our partner organisations

    In order to advertise roles through our programme, we have selected organisations that provide opportunities to develop skills and experiences that will enhance your future employability, for example:

    If your organisation would like to work with our Psychology students, please download our flyer or contact the Student Employability Team.

  • Example roles

    Activity Co-ordinator, Making Space Supported Housing

    The aims and objectives of the placement will be to provide support to tenants with a mental health related condition to organise group activities or outings, to increase social inclusion within the community and prevent isolation.

    Events Organiser, Neuro Drop-In

    To work as part of the team of staff and volunteers at the Neuro Drop-In to support their activities with clients and their fundraising activities.

    Research Assistant – Lancaster University Babylab

    To support ongoing research in the Babylab that is investigating how children learn from media including television, storybooks and touchscreens.

  • What do I need to know?
    • During the volunteering placement you will be required to make a firm commitment to the organisation, as many will be working with vulnerable people
    • Depending on your role, you may have to respect and deal with sensitive, personal, confidential information
    • You will be asked to complete a reflective report once you have completed your placement – this will help you to strengthen your CV
  • Location and travel

    Opportunities will either take place at the host premises, or remotely. We have deliberately chosen local organisations to minimise travel, and national organisations where volunteering can be done from your home, eg telephone befriending.

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Charlotte Rothwell

Case Study: Charlotte Rothwell

Psychology Student Charlotte Rothwell volunteered as a research assistant as part of the Psychology Employability Programme.

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Case Study: Megan Wolstenholme

Psychology Student Megan Wolstenholme volunteered with a National Autistic Society Youth group as part of the Psychology Employability Programme.

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Megan Wolstenholme
Pam Pickles and Rachel Beauchamp

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For more information on the Psychology Employability Programme and how to get involved, please contact the Student Employability Team: Pam Pickles and Rachel Beauchamp.

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