Dr Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia

Lecturer in Urban Futures

Research Overview

Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia is a Lecturer in Urban Futures (Institute for Social Futures), based jointly in the Department of Sociology and LICA (Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts). Her research interests include:

  • Urban futures and transformations in the Global North and South
  • Urban housing production, destruction and resettlements
  • Alternative home futures and collaborative, community-led practices
  • Socio-material and geopolitical dimensions of urban belonging and othering
  • Urban crisis, austerity and disposession
  • Human geographies and emotional geographies of home and architecture
  • Feminist and postcolonial geopolitics
  • Ethnographic, participative and experimental methodologies

Twitter: @femimeli

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Book/Film/Article review

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Other report

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Book/Film/Article review

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