Davor Mujezinovic

PhD student


My first degree was in business and finance, which I did at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. In 2013 I completed my MA in Political Economy at the Univeristy of Manchester, where I wrote a dissertation on the compatibility of the Marxist and ecological economics schools of economic theory.My current research seeks to investigate the phenomena of e-waste through a case-study of the dump-site Agbobloshie near Accra in Ghana. It seeks to do so through the lens of a combination of ecological economics and Marxian political ecology. The environmental and social problems of Agbobloshie are framed as inherent problems of capitalism as a historically specific mode of production. This project also touches upon issues such as resource exploitation of third-world countries, core-periphery relations, as well as imperialism and neo-colonialism.