Jess Phoenix

PhD student

Research Overview

I completed my degree in Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia before coming to Lancaster to undertake an ESRC funded Masters and PhD. I finished my MA in Sociological Research in September 2015, with a dissertation focusing on involved publics' evalaution of scientific studies in regards to badger culling and bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

My doctoral research explores local understandings of bTB and combine these with government officials' and scientific advisors' understandings of the policy process. I am using Science, Technology Studies literature to explore the messiness of bTB understandings so as to shape future management of the disease.

Too Cute to Kill?
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She Is Sustainable
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NorthWest Wales Regional TB Eradication Board
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Policies and Practices in the History of Farm Animal Research, 1900-Present
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6th STS Postgraduate Conference
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