Dr George Green

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching

I teach on the Creative Writing MA, and the half units on short stories, creative non-fiction and longer fiction.

I am presently supervising (or co-supervising) PhDs on detective fiction, the graphic novel, rewriting and mytheopia, rewriting the short story and criticism, and rewriting and drama theory as well as several novels. This means that i am quite busy at present, but am always interested in strong ideas.

You're Not So Special, Mr Ford: The Quest for Criminal Celebrity
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Orcs on Mars: Historical Fiction and the Short Story
Green, G. 03/2011 In: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice. 1, 1, p. 59-71. 13 p.
Journal article

About a Life - Writing from the Self.
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Hanging Together: Structuring the Longer Piece.
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