Bioengineering and Health Materials Symposium

Tuesday 15 October 2019, 9:30am to 5:00pm


Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster, LA1 4GJ - View Map

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Join us and connect with Lancaster University researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, local government, and health care providers to network, find out about the latest research in Bioengineering and Health Materials, and form new partnerships to drive advances in health care.

Biomaterials and regenerative medicine is an essential aspect of bioengineering which deals with the repair and replacement of human tissues damaged by injury, ageing and illness. Bioengineers tackle un-met challenges from multiple perspectives applying engineering principles of design and analysis to biological systems biomaterials and medical technologies.

Research in bioengineering includes new medical imaging technologies, such as bio-spectroscopy which may act as portable disease diagnostic devices in the future, designing bioactive functionalised scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and bacteria engineering – applying metabolic engineering tools and strategies to engineer chemical pathways, and regenerative medicine. Diseases are often detected late, which can affect the efficacy of treatment, ultimately affecting long-term prognosis.

We are establishing Bioengineering at the Engineering Department at Lancaster. We aim to find innovative ways to diagnose diseases, biomaterials for regenerative medicine and identify chemical pathways of biofilm formations.

Join us on our journey and help drive advances in health care.

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