SEW-REAP World Food Day - Extended Research in China

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 11:00am to 12:30pm


Training Room 2, Gordon Manley Building, LEC Blue Zone (LEC 3), Lancaster University - View Map

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Alumni, External Organisations, Postgraduates, Public, Staff, Undergraduates


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Extended Research in China for Early Career Researchers - Its Importance, Opportunities and Challenges Interested in research in China? Come and here from 5 ECRs about their experiences of long-term secondments in China researching various aspects of the food-agri-water-environment nexus.

Are you interested in a research career that will make a difference, perhaps specifically on issues regarding the complex challenges of the food system or the Food-Agri-Water Nexus? Are you interested in research with an international, possibly global, reach? Are you interested in the opportunities from research positions that involve an extended stay overseas?

Then come along to this World Food Day event where you will have the opportunity to hear from 5 Early Career Researchers who have spent up to 2 years on research secondment in China and Hong Kong.

China is an increasingly significant – even central – player in first-class global science on the world’s many serious challenges, while the opportunities for research in China are growing significantly. Many of these challenges are also particularly intense and grievous in China, so that work there can make a significant impact. And China’s growing global influence and example as a rapidly developing country offers even greater global impacts, especially across the Global South. A strong connection to, and knowledge of, China is thus set to become an increasingly significant strategic asset to a research career - not least for those looking at longer term positions back in the West.

But you may well know nothing about China! So what is it like to live and work there? What are the benefits and challenges of doing so? How different is it to do research there? Whatever your questions, come along and ask!

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