Travel Grants

Travel Grants are available to support academic-related travel for staff. Up to £500 is available for overseas travel and up to £250 for UK travel.

NOTE: All Travel Grants are currently suspended due to the current COVID-19 pandemic

Travel funds will routinely contribute to the costs of:

  • Presentation of a paper or poster at conferences and workshops
  • Attendance at conferences as invited keynote speakers
  • Attendance at seminars and workshops to support research development

Funding for travel to discuss future contracts and grants (but not fieldwork or teaching) will be considered if funds are available. It is not anticipated that travel grants will constitute research activities in their own right; rather, they should be seen as a means of supplementing existing research activities.

Awards are solely given to the applicants for the purpose stated. Any change in who will receive the grant or in its use must be agreed by the Dean before transferring funds.

No more than two people from one department will be supported to go to the same conference.

You may only apply for one grant per academic year (1st August to 31st July), and preference will be given to those who did not receive money in the previous year.

Please submit your application at least four weeks before your proposed date of travel. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

It is also important to remember that travel funds are limited and that cases will be strengthened if the funds requested from the Faculty are balances of funds gained from other sources, i.e. research grants, professional institutions or other organisations.

As applicants may not receive the full sum requested, please let the Faculty Office know if you are unable to travel so that funds may be reallocated.

Grant recipients must submit receipts of travel and a written report of approximately 500 words within four weeks of return to Lancaster. Failure to do so without good reason will result in the withdrawal of funds.


Faculty Travel Grants are available for members of staff. PhD students should apply for a Graduate School Travel Grant.

Please send Staff Travel Grant applications to