Amazon fires explained

Orange flames still bursting from a charred log in front of a scene of fire-ravaged devastated forest - not green is left only black charred stumps and grey ash on the ground

Jos Barlow, Professor of Conservation Science at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, offers insight into the fires now raging in the Brazilian Amazon, in an article in The Conversation. Read more:

Camila Silva, Brazilian PhD researcher at at the Lancaster Environment Centre has also written on the subject for the "I Need To Know" series in The Conversation. Camilla responded to the question "if the Amazon keeps burning, what will happen?" posed by Ibrahim, aged 12, from Maryland, US. Read more:

Both Jos and Camilla have further discussed these issues on the BBC, for example Jos on BBC World Service's Newshour (final 5 minutes) and Camilla on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast (from 1 hr 46).

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