Food security fellows

6 July 2018 18:01
Prof Rufino and the Rutherford Fellows from Argentina
Prof Rufino (centre) and the Rutherford Fellows

A group of Argentinian food security researchers are spending six months in Lancaster studying how agriculture can better manage both flooding and drought. 

The six early career researchers are part of a scheme to strengthen partnerships between UK universities and their international strategic partners, funded by the UK Department for Business Energy and international Strategy (BEIS) through the £118 million Rutherford Fund,

“We chose to work with Argentina because Argentina is a global player in the food system,” said Professor Mariana Rufino, who was born and raised Argentina, and is hosting the researchers. 

“This is also an opportunity for the North of England to export its expertise and knowledge to be used in the farming sector in Argentina.”

The Rutherford Fellows are all from the Argentinian National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and based at prestigious universities in Argentina, where they have been working on crop and livestock production. They are collaborating with leading Lancaster University academics, and hope to learn from Lancaster’s approach to working with business. Mariana also thinks that the UK farming sector can benefit from the Argentinian perspective.

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