Lancaster research centre’s latest magazine to focus on stress and resilience

The cover of the new CSR magazine
The 10th edition of CREST Security Review

Stress and resilience from pressurised decision-making is the special focus of the 10th edition of a quarterly magazine published by a Lancaster University-led research centre.

The Centre for Research and Evidence in Security Threats (CREST) has dedicated its summer edition of CREST Security Review (CSR) to highlighting stress and resilience, particularly for those working across a range of security roles – who often have to make high-consequence decisions in complex and potentially dangerous situations.

Articles draw on research from a variety of experts from Lancaster University, and across the Globe, on topics covering sports and military applications, to learning from refugees and network analyses. This edition looks at how we can identify, learn about, and apply lessons from how stress manifests as well as how to develop resilience.

This issue also features techniques on how to help undercover sources recall information, while Rosie Mutton from Lancaster University's Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion writes about the dangers of underestimating the role women play in violent extremism.

This issue of CSR will go out simultaneously in print, online and in CREST’s mobile app. Read it online at or via the CSR app (download the app here).

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