Our Experts - Gender and Women's Studies

Dr Anne Cronin

Professor Anne Cronin

I am available to supervise PhD projects in the areas of:

  • Advertising
  • Media and culture
  • Media and cultural theory
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Dr Deidre Duffy

Dr Deirdre Duffy

I would be interested in supervising research students within the areas below

  • Health
  • Gender and health
  • Feminism
  • Social policy
Dr Deidre Duffy
Professor Yang Hu

Professor Yang Hu

I would be happy to work with students in (the intersection of) the following areas:

(1) Families and intimate relationships;

(2) gender, ethnicity/race, and sexuality in work and employment;

(3) global mobilities and personal relationships.

I particularly welcome proposals using quantitative (including computational) methods but would be happy to consider qualitative and mixed methods as well.

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Dr Kumud Rana

Dr Kumud Rana

I am interested in working with students in any area of

  • gender studies
  • queer studies
  • social movements
  • international development
  • globalisation
  • postcolonial studies
  • decoloniality
Dr Kumud Rana
Dr Vicky Singleton

Professor Vicky Singleton

I welcome research students and have supervised 22 students researching in a range of substantive areas. I am especially interested in students researching how policy is done in locations of practice and also in how care is done in practice. I have worked with several care practitioners seeking research qualifications. I am interested in and have expertise in qualitative research including ethnography, participant observation, interviews, and textual analysis in the form of detailed case studies. I am keen to work with students and collaborators to articulate and to appreciate the work of practice of care interventions, programmes, policies, technologies, systems and guidelines.

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