Portrait photograph of: Vasilis Pappas

Vasilis Pappas

Country Of Origin: Greece

Degree: PhD Economics, 2013

Lecturer in Finance, University of Bath

I studied Economics at the University of Piraeus in Greece and then continued my education on MSc in Money, Banking and Finance at Lancaster University. PhD in Economics came as a natural extension of my dissertation because in my thesis, I was investigating Islamic finance from various perspectives (stability, profitability, efficiency), and compared them with the conventional paradigm.

The approach to teaching used during the programme is very professional and allows you to critically evaluate every bit of information. Projects deeply enhance your skills and understanding of the way economy works – from the way financial markets operate, to the role of the state in stimulating economic growth.

As a postgraduate, I valued different ways of enjoying university life: Pizzetta late/early morning working hours, a good night’s sleep and a visit to one of the nearby cities. 

I have spent on and off seven years here at Lancaster and it’s hard to summarise them all in a few sentences. I think that the majority of the incoming students do not realise how fast the time flies and that you can learn a lot from this small place. In terms of your professional experience, your skills will go much further than in any other Master’s degree. Career prospects, too. In terms of the quality of life, everything is close enough. The University has very good facilities and continues to improve them; you would not miss much. Even if you did, Manchester is one hour away by train. 

I spent a bit more than a year in Lancaster after my PhD, working as a Senior Research Associate. At the same time, I was the Deputy Director of Gulf One Research Centre for Economic Research – the Research Centre of LUMS responsible for research in Islamic finance.

I have now moved down south, as I was offered the position of Lecturer in Finance at the University of Bath.