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LUMS Investors in Excellence

By becoming a LUMS Investor in Excellence, you can support Lancaster University Management School, our students and researchers, across a number of projects.

LUMS Investors in Excellence

By becoming a LUMS Investor in Excellence, you can support Lancaster University Management School, our students and researchers, across a number of projects.

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A message from the Dean

Your support

At Lancaster University Management School, we are a community that embraces those far beyond our physical walls. Students, academics, business and organisational partners, and you – our global alumni, our LUMS Investors in Excellence – are always at our heart.

That has not changed during these turbulent times. We remain steadfast in our priorities: to develop and leverage our academic excellence in order to provide a challenging, inspirational environment, to enhance graduate career opportunities for those following in your footsteps, and to improve productivity and organisational performance across businesses and organisations, regionally, nationally and globally.

But these are unsettled times, and now, more than ever we need your support as a LUMS Investor in Excellence to provide the chance to grow and develop in new, otherwise impossible, ways. As alumni, we will never underestimate how much your valued support helps us safeguard our School now and for future generations. Your assistance provides new opportunities to help keep LUMS at the forefront of management education, ensures your successors can benefit from the same internationally renowned education as yourselves, and allows us to build upon our achievements of the past 50 years. Our aim is to provide significant philanthropic support for our students, researchers and the LUMS estate by inspiring 10% of our alumni to become LUMS Investors in Excellence. This will be a major achievement by our alumni community and will mean increasing support levels from less than 0.5% to an amazing 10% participation rate.

Through your regular giving as a LUMS Investor in Excellence, you will be allowing the School to pursue new strategic initiatives and achieve our highest priorities, enabling us to provide the best opportunities for thought leaders, support for those students most in need, and the best facilities for all of our stakeholders.

Your support is a catalyst for continued success and progress. It enables us to continue shaping the next generation of our alumni community and to be the go-to Management School for cutting edge knowledge of which everyone wants to be a part.

Thank you for being a LUMS Investor in Excellence.

Professor Angus Laing FRSADean, Lancaster University Management School

Professor Angus Laing FRSA
Professor Angus Laing FRSA

The three pillars of your support

Pillar 1: Students

Students achieving their ambitions

Our scholarships and hardship support provide talented students from diverse backgrounds with expanded opportunities to fulfil their potential as future global leaders, regardless of financial circumstances. Our School is committed to promoting gender equality throughout our business and management disciplines and opening up our courses to those from a wide international spectrum of backgrounds, regardless of their circumstances.

As a LUMS Investor in Excellence, you can help us make a difference by expanding our body of undergraduates, postgraduates and MBA students to be even more inclusive. Your help can provide new openings and increased opportunities to develop and thrive as part of our community. Our students follow in the footsteps of thousands of alumni from the past five decades. They too can go on to lead successful careers, working across a range of sectors worldwide, and remaining a lifelong member of the LUMS family. Their experience with us equips them for whatever the future brings.

Group of students working at desk looking at a laptop
Two people sitting on red seats having a meeting.

Pillar 2: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership that changes the world

All that we do in LUMS, from the highest-calibre teaching to supporting hundreds of businesses to succeed, is underpinned by our strong research foundations and constantly evolving, forward-thinking initiatives. We are proud to house diverse research centres, each with their own focus on key societal and business issues, as well as the Work Foundation – a London-based think tank at the forefront of good work for more than a hundred years whose relevance has been as great as ever during the Covid-19 pandemic. We apply the very latest thinking to tackling today’s global challenges, be it productivity, gender equality, sustainability, or operating during a global pandemic.

With your support as a LUMS Investor in Excellence, we can develop and pursue new ways to make a difference to the lives of individuals, businesses and wider society.

Pillar 3: The LUMS estate

Building facilities for the future

For more than 50 years, our students, world-leading academics and diverse partner organisations have benefitted from studying, working and researching in an ever-changing and advancing environment. LUMS has grown with its students, constructing new facilities to encourage better learning, stimulate cutting-edge research, and facilitate the creation and development of wide-ranging business, governmental and other partnerships.

The multi-million pound LUMS Space Programme provides the newest addition to the School, a setting where staff, students and other members of our community can achieve the highest standards in their work. With your support as a LUMS Investor in Excellence, we can expand our horizons further and ensure we can provide some of the best facilities in the country for all the members of our family.

Management School Building

Damian Harniess: Our First LUMS Investor in Excellence

Damian Harniess (Politics and International Relations, 2003) is Lancaster University Management School’s first LUMS Investor in Excellence.

Fond memories of his time at Lancaster, combined with more recent experiences working with the Management School and the Investment and Finance Society (LUIFS) created a desire to give Lancaster University students access to wider opportunities through the scheme, as he explains.

"LUMS Investors in Excellence is a great idea. It’s a way to give back and to help improve the University; I spent the best three years of my life at Lancaster – I love Lancaster and I had such a great time when I was studying there.

"All students deserve a chance to flourish in their education and beyond, no matter their background. I work in investment banking, where many workers have been recruited from a narrow list of ‘target’ universities and where they are almost groomed for the roles. There is so much untapped potential at Lancaster and other similar universities, and investing in this programme is a way to help that talent shine through.

"It ties in with the work I do as part of my role at Jefferies International Limited (a diversified financial services company engaged in investment banking and capital markets, asset management and direct investing) with the Management School and LUIFS. I work as an Investment Banker in Equity Capital Markets at Jefferies. As part of my role, I participate in Jefferies’ graduate recruitment programme. I head up a team recruiting from non-target universities across the UK and Europe and, as a proud Lancaster graduate, have piloted a scheme with the University to attract more high-quality Lancaster graduates to apply for jobs in investment banking (at Jefferies, obviously!) and financial services.

"It’s important to retain a relationship with the university and to help out in any small way I can to open doors for people, and that is what both my professional involvement and the LUMS Investors in Excellence programme do.

"There is so much we can do to support the University in helping people from different backgrounds, people who might be like I was 20 years ago, not knowing exactly what they want to do or the routes open to them, and to provide them with access to new opportunities. The LUMS Investors in Excellence programme means we as alumni can give something back and provide these opportunities to those who are following in our footsteps as members of the Lancaster community."

Maria Papadelli: Investing in the students of the future

Maria Papadelli (MSc IT Management and Organisational Change, 2007) is proud to be giving something back to Lancaster University Management School through the Investors in Excellence scheme.

Originally from Lesbos, in Greece, and now living and working in London as Head of Product at YuLife Insurance, Maria wants to provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the same high-quality education she experienced herself.

I have such good memories of my time as a student at Lancaster – it felt then, and still does, like a community and an excellent place to immerse myself in learning, where I felt really connected to the teachers and my fellow students, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

A lot of the things I learned in my time at Lancaster have helped me greatly in my career, and I felt that the Investors in Excellence programme was a great way to give something back.

I received a bursary for my studies, which was a huge help with the fees and the other costs you have as a student. Studying is an investment, but if you are a young person who hasn’t worked before, or who doesn’t have a lot of money, then getting that kind of help is very important. The idea that through this programme I can invest in helping young people complete their studies is very important.

Creating the opportunity for young people to continue their studies, to progress in their careers and do the things they want to do, providing them with the resources and opportunities to widen their horizons is where we should want to be as a society. We can help develop ways to attract students who otherwise might not have applied, to open up opportunities to students from more diverse backgrounds.

It’s important for those of us who have been students at Lancaster in the past to give back where we can, for us as alumni to support our own university and future students, helping them carry on the good work of producing good graduates and bringing people from diverse backgrounds into higher education.

Five of the first 100 LUMS Investors in Excellence explain why they have donated to the programme:

Giles Candy (BSc Environmental Sciences, 1989)

“From my first visit to the Lancaster campus, I felt at home. I enjoyed a challenging and rewarding three years, and Lancaster and Fylde College gave me a great educational and social foundation for a career and life. I am happy to repay a little of the help Lancaster and many associated with it gave to me.”

Saurav Sanyal (MBA Business Administration, 2005)

“It has been a difficult year for everyone, it is important for the global Lancaster community to come together. I am pleased to be part of this philanthropic initiative to support students who face a challenging year ahead, as well as supporting cutting-edge research at the Management School.”

Kath Loosemore (MA International Relations and Diplomacy, 2018)

“I'm thrilled to be able to help the university and its students achieve their potential. 2020 was such an unsettling year for those in education – students and teaching staff alike – and even small gestures can really help make a difference. In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever that we invest in education, making sure tomorrow's innovators and leaders get off to a good start.”

David Ong’olo (MSc Industrial Economics, 1988)

“It is an honour to contribute to the LUMS Investors in Excellence initiative. I am confident that, together with my fellow alumni, we can make a great contribution to helping LUMS continue to attract the brightest students from all over the globe.”

Paulo Faveret (IMPM, 2014)

"I learned a lot from LUMS on the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM). The unique approach to the reflection mindset brought me a new understanding of the managerial role and changed my practices. That is why I decided to help others to gain access to such precious knowledge.”

Transparency and integrity

Transparency and integrity are essential to all that we do at LUMS and so, towards the end of each year, LUMS will report to you, our LUMS Investors in Excellence, on how these philanthropic funds have been allocated and to which pillar of support the funds have been applied. Your support will ensure that, wherever the need is greatest, LUMS will be able to respond quickly and effectively and continue in its mission of excellence for all.

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