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What do we mean when we say ‘sustainability’? In this latest edition of Fifty Four Degrees, we show how broad the definition can be by investigating issues including modern slavery, sustainable accounting, and the links between religion and green business behaviours.

We also look at the world of online witchcraft, explore the scale of problem gambling in the UK, discuss imposter syndrome, and look closely at the cyber challenges facing small businesses.

Fifty Four Degrees Issue 18
  • Issue 17

    Gender inequality remains rife in business and society. This edition explores the diverse range of research taking place throughout Lancaster University Management School in this area. Members of our Academy for Gender, Work and Leadership, along with researchers across the School, investigate the many different areas where inequalities exist, and how they manifest. From fashion industry garment factories to the boardroom, business schools to the South African wine trade, we take in multiple aspects of this important topic.

  • Issue 16

    The future is in focus. We set out plans for impactful LUMS over the coming years, and explore work on crucial areas for the planet and society. We cover everything from solving clean water problems in Africa, how we might help immigrants better fit in in the workplace of their new countries, and the importance of sustainability to SMEs, to the emotional impact of climate change, and racial equality challenges in the NFL. Our researchers also discuss the importance of flexible working arrangements to people with a disability; dark tourism; cryptocurrencies; and online gaming.

  • Issue 15

    Global economic discussion, digital poverty and family business affairs all feature in this edition. LUMS macroeconomists examine key issues facing the global economy; the Work Foundation discuss the problems of internet access in rural areas; and researchers from across the School look into the challenges ahead for family firms. Also in this issue, we feature the factors behind firms expanding into new markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, show how accounting can help with assessing credit risk, and take a look at the effects of AI on small businesses.

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