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Lancaster University Management School has an established reputation for working with external organisations on collaborative projects built over several decades.

SMEs, large businesses and public sector organisations are among those to benefit from partnerships and relationships with our world-leading experts in all aspects of business and management.

From bespoke consultancy projects to studentships with the next generation of LUMS talent and research ventures taking full advantage of our cutting-edge knowledge, we offer a wide range of potential collaborations to help your organisation reach the next level.

Ways your business can work with us:

  • Consultancy

    Translate our world-leading insights into real impact for your business.

  • Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

    Our experts help your business develop products, embed new skills and improve efficiency to increase profits.

  • Research Projects

    Collaborate with our researchers to explore new ideas, develop products or create intellectual property.

  • Funded Studentships

    Bring one of our talented postgraduate students into your business. 

  • Impact Accelerator Funding

    Take advantage of funded opportunities to build relationships with our expert academics and apply our cutting-edge research in your organisation.

  • Development Programmes

    Work with us to create research-informed, business-relevant high-impact programmes for your organisation.

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