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Innovation in Place

Through innovation, we can create a fairer society across geographies and groups, and in particular places and spaces. Where innovation happens matters – it can change quality of life. By taking development to targeted regions, and understanding their unique challenges and potential, we can enable socio-economic flourishing.

We work in isolated rural communities and areas of poverty, to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems; with the NHS, UK and international governments, Local Enterprise Partnerships, present and future leaders; and drive change in connectivity infrastructures, support natural disaster response, and promote compassionate leadership.

Over almost 25 years, we have worked with SMEs in the North West of England and beyond, building a strong reputation for improving productivity and leadership, and develop new sustainable practices and skills. 

Compassionate leadership in the NHS

Professor Michael West CBE has worked with the NHS for more than a decade, transforming leadership and cultures across the healthcare sector in England to deliver high-quality, compassionate patient care.

Find out more about how Professor West’s work has helped improve the wellbeing of NHS staff.

Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY)

The MANY project tackles the socio-economic digital divide in rural communities in North Yorkshire. LUMS worked alongside national and local government and IT service providers to help individuals and organisations benefit from 5G connectivity.

Discover how the MANY team engaged with the local community, and why it is important their voices and concerns were heard as part of the 5G network development.

Mobile Access North Yorkshire

Alternative Entrepreneurship

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro are often associated by outsiders with poverty and crime. Yet entrepreneurs in these areas have drawn in tourists, and provide examples of how people can use entrepreneurship to help them overcome poverty and social exclusion.

Find out more about Dr Josiane Fernandes’ trips to Rio’s favelas and see how they inspired her research.

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