Working with Schools and Colleges

Activities for Schools and Colleges

We know that applying to university is a big step for your students. At LUMS, we offer a range of activities that can help guide them through the process.Our sessions can take place both in your school or college, or on our campus, and are mainly aimed at post-16 students in Year 12 or Year 13.

Our activities have been developed to inspire your students and give a real insight into what it’s like to study in a leading business school. For further information on any of the activities that we offer, or to enquire about a bespoke activity, please contact us.

School pupils

On Campus Activities

We have a variety of events on campus, both for school or college groups and individuals.

Undergraduate students

Open Days and Campus Tours

Our Open Days take place on Saturdays and are a great way to gain a real insight into what it's like to be a student at the Management School. As well as inspiring talks on our subject areas, students can take part in hands-on activities that bring business to life. Also, if you have students who would like to get a further feel for campus and view our superb facilities our campus tours typically take place each Monday at 2pm. Please visit our open days page for more information.

Undergraduate students in lecture

LUMS Masterclass week

Monday, 30 November- Thursday, 3 December 2020

Are you thinking about studying an undergraduate degree in a business subject? Join us for our Masterclass Week – a week of hour-long, evening taster sessions to help you get a sense of what studying that subject at university is like.

Masterclass Week
Students around a desk

Bespoke Visits

If you have a group of students with a keen interest in a specific subject area, we can arrange a tailored visit to campus based on their interest. They can meet tutors and current students, as well as explore our facilities. We would be happy to arrange this for you so please get in touch

Off Campus Events

We have a number of workshops that we can deliver in your school or college, and would love the opportunity to visit and get to know your students. If you would like to arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss how we can support you, please get in touch.

Discovery Lectures

This programme includes a range of inspiring one-hour talks delivered by our lecturers in your School or College. Discovery Lectures are designed to complement the curriculum and introduce new ideas. The lectures give students the chance to develop their subject knowledge, discuss themes with a subject specialist and explore progression to Higher Education. Examples of our current Discovery Lectures are below.

Group session

The Negotiation Game

Develop students' negotiation skills through this highly interactive session. Teams of two or three use contextual information provided to devise a strategy, and then embark on a 30-minute negotiation with another team. Afterwards, the room discusses the contracts agreed to (or not) and compare and contrast the deals achieved across the groups, also considering other techniques that may provide different outcomes. 

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.

Data chart

Simulating Success

Students can learn to model business situations using Excel. The session features illustrative models shown for applications such as simulation, optimisation, forecasting, dashboards, sensitivity analysis, and VBA support. It also provides a variety of general Excel tips and how-to workarounds, including model design and common mistakes people make. Workshop notes containing step-by-step instructions of how to build models can be provided afterwards.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


Student with laptop

Beyond the Marketing Textbook

Taking students on a journey beyond the typical marketing textbook, this session explores subject and career-related content that is at the heart of marketing degrees. Students critically examine a current phenomenon that preoccupies marketing professionals and scholars at an international scale. For example, what are the characteristics of 'controversial markets'? Why do the majority of companies attempting a digital transformation of marketing strategy fail?

Suitable for groups of 10-30 students. Session length: 60 minutes.



The Future of Work and Technology

How will technological developments affect workplace happiness and productivity? This interactive session uses footage from Doctor Who to spark questions around three themes of technology, work and people. The students will discuss topics, such as how will worker morale be affected by the introduction of automated processes, and be guided to link these questions to real life workplace practices and management theories.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.

Students doing group work

Strategy, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Crossroads

The global economic landscape demands upcoming professionals to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. In this session, students examine how to become innovative and strategic leaders who can envision purpose-led opportunities. They will also explore practical applications for developing and executing ideas based on concepts such as new markets, the proactive search for sponsorships, and the integration of digital technologies.

Suitable for groups of 10-30 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


one to one session

Why Study Business?

A student may have an interest in 'business' or 'finance', but no idea which of the myriad of courses available is the one for them. This one-hour workshop helps them narrow their choice down by exploring their interests and how these line up with the skills that can be gained by studying a particular course. 

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


How To Make Toast

Strategic decision making is essential to organisational success. Strategic problems often relate to opportunities that arise, which require decision makers to respond rapidly under pressure. This interactive session uses an every-day task to enable students to discover and explore how visual thinking helps leaders make better decisions faster and communicate their decisions more effectively.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


Strategies For Success

This interactive session invites students to examine how being a critical thinker and an effective problem solver can help you succeed … or in this case survive flesh eating Zombies! In their Zombie Apocalypse survival teams’ students will develop their survival strategies and present their critical thinking and problem-solving approaches.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


Why Successful Leaders Are Systems Thinkers

Systems Thinking is a framework that allows leaders to frame problems as a complex set of relationships where holistic thinking is required to achieve sustainable success. This interactive session gets students to think like business leaders; moving away from short term fixes towards long term sustainable solutions. 

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.


Building Solutions: The Lego Challenge

Successful business leaders need to have exceptional communication and problem-solving capabilities.  This interactive session allows students, through the medium of Lego, to put these essential skills into practice, enabling them to evaluate and develop their listening, communication and problem-solving skills.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students. Session length: 60 minutes.

Student group

Bespoke Sessions

We are here to help inspire students in any way that we can. If you have an idea for a workshop or talk that will help to support your curriculum, please get in touch.