Working with Schools and Colleges

Activities for Schools and Colleges

We offer a range of activities, both on and off campus, that are mainly aimed at post-16 students, but can be adapted to suit a younger audience too.

Our sessions have been developed to inspire students and give a real insight to what it’s like to study in a business school. For further information on any of the activities that we offer, or to enquire about a bespoke activity, please contact us.

Our Activities

Subject Talks

We can also visit your School or College to give a talk on studying a specific area of business, or studying business at university more generally.

Off Campus Events

We have a number of workshops that we can deliver in your school or college, and would love the opportunity to visit and get to know your students. If you would like to arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss how we can support you, please get in touch.

Discovery Lectures

This programme includes a range of inspiring one-hour talks delivered by our lecturers in your School or College. Discovery Lectures are designed to complement the curriculum and introduce new ideas. The lectures give students the chance to develop their subject knowledge, discuss themes with a subject specialist and explore progression to Higher Education. Examples of our current Discovery Lectures are below.

Business Modelling with Excel

Students can learn to model business situations using Excel. The session features illustrative models shown for applications such as simulation, optimisation, forecasting, dashboards, sensititivity analysis, and VBA support. It also provides a variety of general Excel tips and how-to workarounds, including model design and common mistakes people make. Workshop notes containing step-by-step instructions of how to build models can be provided afterwards. Suitable for groups of 10-40 students, session length 60 minutes.


The Future of Work and Technology

How will technological developments affect workplace happiness and productivity? This interactive session uses footage from Doctor Who to spark questions around three themes of technology, work and people. The students will discuss topics, such as how will worker morale be affected by the introduction of automated processes, and be guided to link these questions to real life workplace practices and management theories.

Suitable for groups of 10-40 students, session length 60 minutes.

Negotiation Game

Develop students' negotiation skills through this highly interactive session. Teams of two or three use contextual information provided to devise a strategy, and then embark on a 30-minute negotiation with another team. Afterwards, the room discusses the contracts agreed to (or not) and compare and contrast the deals achieved across the groups, also considering other techniques that may provide different outcomes. Suitable for groups of 10-40 students, session length 60 minutes.

Why Study Business?

A student may have an interest in 'business' or 'finance', but no idea which of the myriad of courses available is the one for them. This one-hour workshop helps them narrow their choice down by exploring their interests and how these line up with the skills that can be gained by studying a particular course. Suitable for groups of 10-40 students, session length 60 minutes.

Bespoke Sessions

We are here to help inspire students in any way that we can. If you have an idea for a workshop or talk that will help to support your curriculum, please get in touch.

Career Evenings in London

Applying to University is the first step towards a fantastic career, but the number of subject options can be confusing and it can be difficult to choose. That’s why this July, Lancaster University Management School will be running a series of events in London, aiming to help Year 12 and 13 students work out which Business-related degree is right for them, and learn about the careers these could lead to.

Taking place at the Work Foundation, these evening events will allow you to take part in a range of exciting and thought-provoking sessions including taster activities, networking with current students, careers workshops and admissions and personal statements guidance from Lancaster University experts.