Portrait photograph of: Matthew MacDonald

Matthew MacDonald

Country Of Origin: United States

Degree: PhD in Management, 2012

Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University Management School

I chose the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at Lancaster University Management School to undertake my doctoral studies due to its reputation as a research-intensive Department and due to the reputation and interest shown by my supervisors in the area of study.

I enjoyed all aspects of my study at Lancaster.  The research training modules were well-taught, relevant and stimulating.  The support I received throughout my thesis development and writing was exemplary.

As a mature student, with a young family, I did not get involved in campus life to any great extent.  I did get involved in teaching and tutorials for undergraduates and in delivering guest lectures and workshops across the Faculties in my specialism, which was a great experience and stood me in good stead for a future academic career.

It is an excellent PhD programme which has a supportive and sociable Department. The PhD programme gave me the opportunity to develop my own skills, contribute to the Department and the wider University, and prepared me for an academic life at a research-intensive university.

On completion of my PhD, I was employed as a Teaching Fellow at Leeds University Business School.  The status of a Lancaster University PhD stood me in good stead for the post.  I have since returned to Lancaster University Management School as a Senior Research Associate on an EU funded research project.