Portrait photograph of: Michael Konopaski

Michael Konopaski

Country Of Origin: Canada

Degree: PhD in Management, 2014

Senior Lecturer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

I was looking for a world-class research degree from a fully accredited and top ranked university. The strength and depth of these areas in the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development was second to none. I literally spent over 200 hours looking at different programmes around the world and LUMS was my first choice by a mile. Since I was already established in my career, I was aiming for the very highest quality programme. I decided that if I was going to do this, I would target the very top.

When I enrolled on the PhD in 2007, my academic career was unstable and for a good reason – I lacked good research training and had never really produced an original piece of scholarly work. Without a PhD, I lacked legitimacy amongst my colleagues. In reflecting on the past few years, I realise that for many different reasons, the road I have travelled has been the most complicated (I am an accountant that engaged in a qualitative PhD study) and also the most meaningful. I have finally found a sense of fulfilment with this study. At this time, I have a better understanding of myself, and what I want out of my academic career. Most importantly, I realise that the more in-depth you go, the more you realise how much you never knew in the first place.

What I liked most about my degree was the terrifying level of difficulty. Since I am a high achiever, it made me dig deep down and ask myself the most serious questions. It brought the best out of me. The most fun aspect of university life at Lancaster was being a part-time student living in Canada. I made several trips to Lancaster throughout the study and absolutely loved the area.

The experience at Lancaster has been phenomenal and very rewarding. The biggest single change in my life is the new way I go about my daily activities, my encounters with friends, family, colleagues, and so forth. The PhD study has challenged me to reflect on what I want out of myself, out of others, and most importantly out of my academic career. Before enrolling in this PhD programme, I had not understood the level of depth required, the pain and suffering, and the subsequent rewards for enduring. I just thought the PhD was a means to an end. After completion, I have come to realise that this study has been about difficult choices, personal and spiritual growth, and a balance between work and family life.

I am currently employed at the Faculty of Business and Information Technology as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada. I will be aiming for the highest quality journals.