Portrait photograph of: Lampros Gkiouzepas

Lampros Gkiouzepas

Country Of Origin: Greece

Degree: PhD Marketing, 2006

Adjunct Lecturer , A.T.E.I., Thessaloniki, Greece

My primary reason for choosing LUMS was its outstanding reputation in the area of marketing.

It was not long after joining LUMS that I discovered a friendly research culture that was truly open to different approaches. Selecting a university with academics that have an excellent background weighted high as a criterion. As a research student, however, you soon discover that this is only part of the equitation for a successful PhD. It is critical that the people surrounding you show a genuine interest in what you are doing and whole-heartedly support your way of approaching things. Thanks to my supervisor, Professor Margaret Hogg, I enjoyed a perfect balance of academic guidance and intellectual freedom.

Undertaking a PhD is undoubtedly a challenging task. What I liked and remember most from my doctoral programme were the seminars arranged by LUMS with eminent scholars and professionals from across the world that helped revitalize my enthusiasm for research. I also enjoyed the "open door" approach of the faculty members and the spontaneous meetings that ended up in the most interesting and memorable discussions about research. It is also pleasant the way the department smoothly makes you part of its life, offering the opportunities to advance your role and position in an almost seamless way.

The University is unique in offering a vibrant and stimulating research environment that gently balances with the calm and friendly atmosphere of Lancaster city. Lancaster offers a brilliant opportunity to experience the warmth and welcoming nature of British culture. Life on the University campus reflects a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, that helps build long-lasting relationships.

I have just finished running a research programme funded by the European Union and the Greek State as a postdoctoral associate at A.T.E.I. of Thessaloniki, Greece. I think of my future plans mostly in terms of personal development. This is not to underestimate the importance of building a research career, in which case holding a degree from LUMS is a prestigious asset. LUMS equips you with the skills to do high impact research. What, however, keeps me personally motivated is an interest in discovering things. In that respect, the "skills" that matter most might not be skills, but rather the attitudes you take with you when out of the formal learning system. In that matter, LUMS scores exceptionally high in fostering research curiosity, integrity, and openness.