Portrait photograph of: Simona Dimitrova

Simona Dimitrova

Country Of Origin: Bulgaria

Degree: BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Simona spent her placement year working on internal communications with Airbus.

I chose to take a placement year because it is a perfect opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience and enhance my employability potential by the time I graduate. It is also a unique chance to gain transferable skills which then can be applied not only in the professional working environment but also during my final year at Lancaster University.

My role as an Internal Communication Assistant combined a wide range of responsibilities. I supported the organisation of various local events, including A320neo First Flight, A380 10th Anniversary, Airbus Open Day, etc. I also monitored the internal social media platform and the click-through rates of the internal communication messages. In addition I worked closely with the Head of Internal Communications and an external creative agency on the development of a UK internal campaign. My involvement in this project was mainly related to organising photoshoots, working on creative ideas and giving feedback on the visuals produced by the agency. Another project I was responsible for was the production of an internal video. For this purpose I worked with an external filming agency and I personally managed the whole video production process - from storyboard writing to filming and final editing. Last but not least, I assisted in different internal communication activities, including writing articles for the company intranet and developing content for the corporate TV system – both of which reach around 10 000 Airbus employees.

I have always been in love with aviation and working for the company which has developed some of the best-selling aircraft in aviation history was a dream come true. This combined with an extremely interesting job role and a very supportive team adds up to an amazing placement experience.

What I liked most about my placement was the amount of responsibility I was given. The whole team believed in my capabilities and my opinion was always very highly appreciated. I could also see how my work had an impact on the wider business and this gave me a great sense of motivation. I really appreciated that my tasks were tailored around my interests and my line manager gave me the chance to choose the projects I wanted to be involved in. I also received constant recognition for all my efforts and hard work which was really inspiring.

I am highly motivated to continue my career development in the aviation industry and spending one year at Airbus helped me build my network within the business. Being in contact with so many talented people who shared the same passion for aeronautics was also a great source of motivation and inspiration.

Working at Airbus gave me the opportunity to develop my soft skills in a way which meets the future requirements and demands of the industry and will undoubtedly increase my recruitment potential. I believe that Airbus was the ideal place for my personal and career development and it will serve as a stepping stone, bringing me closer to my dream future.

The LUMS Careers team was always there to help me not only with practical advice about how to structure my CV or prepare better for an assessment centre but more importantly with emotional support. I want to use this opportunity to say a big Thank You to Rory Daly, LUMS Placements and Internships Manager, who always believed in me, even when I didn’t.