Portrait photograph of: Jiatong Liu

Jiatong Liu

Country Of Origin: China

Degree: MA Human Resources and Consulting, 2015

Talent & Rewards Consultant, Willis Towers Watson

As a student at the University of International Relations (UIR), one of the most prestigious Universities in China, I made the decision to apply to study for a Master’s in Human Resources and Consulting at Lancaster University Management School.

I chose to study in the United Kingdom because it is one of the most advanced countries in the realms of both education and economics. Besides, as it was the cradle of western capitalism, I believed that the UK would offer me the opportunity to appreciate the historical development of human resources management. Studying at Lancaster, a University internationally renowned for top-notch faculties, high-calibre students and a picturesque campus, I was sure that I would have the chance to be exposed to sophisticated knowledge regarding human resources.

One of the most important elements of the Master’s programme, I believe, was the three-month consulting project I undertook as part of the degree. Throughout the project I had the chance to work with five students from five different countries on a real business case. By completing the project not only did I deepen my understanding of human resources and consulting, but I was also able to develop my communication, problem solving and particularly my team work skills, which improved tremendously.

The collegiate system at Lancaster University enables students to grow very close, and makes it easy to meet new people and make new friends. I enjoyed the time I spent hanging out with students from different parts of the world. I will definitely cherish the memories I made at Lancaster for the rest of my life.

I sent a copy of my CV to the staff in the LUMS Careers Team, and they gave me really helpful advice and feedback. Previously, I had always believed that my CV was perfect; I wouldn’t have realised that useful changes could be made if I had not approached the LUMS Careers Team. Since amending my CV in accordance with their advice, I feel more confident when job hunting.

I am leaving for China at the end of this month, and plan to find a job in a foreign company relating to consulting or human resources consulting. My studies at Lancaster University have prepared me both professionally and mentally. Thank you Lancaster!