Portrait photograph of: Konstantina Kalantzi

Konstantina Kalantzi

Country Of Origin: Greece

Degree: MSc Advanced Financial Analysis, 2016

Advisor, EY

I was studying Accounting and Finance at Athens University of Economics and Business when I decided that I wanted to continue my studies with a Master’s Degree abroad. I chose LUMS mostly because of my professors’ recommendation. Moreover, I found MSc Advanced Financial Analysis a very high-level and promising programme that could make me differentiate from other finance students.

What I liked the most was the CFA Level I and II preparation, included in the programme. During this one year, I got a Master’s Degree and I passed CFA Level I and II. Moreover, we had a career coach that helped us develop our professional profile and organised employer visits. Finally, an experience that I enjoyed was the Bloomberg trainings. All these elements made my experience at Lancaster valuable.

This year was a unique experience because Ι met people I would never otherwise have met and I got involved in activities I would never otherwise have done. Some of the moments I will always remember are the Chinese New Year anniversary that my Chinese classmates organised, the cooking nights when my flatmates, especially the Italian one, cooked food, the Graduate College Bar events and the surprise party that my flatmates organised.

My experience at Lancaster is simply unique. Being a part of an international university made me feel a citizen of the world. I met nice people – students and professors - that I will never forget. This year made me overreach my limits but it totally deserved the effort. I felt that I developed a lot during the year, not only professionally but also as a personality.

I received a very important scholarship that covered 80% of my tuition fees from the University that made me find this Master’s degree even more important and challenging. This scholarship was an incentive for me to give my best self and get the most out of this learning experience.

I used my career coach’s help in order to get prepared for the recruitment process. He helped me prepare my CV and cover letter according to the market standards and as a markets professional he helped me realise what recruiters are looking for.

I found a job at EY Greece in the Financial Services Risk Management Department of the Advisory Service Line. I started working in July, whilst completing my dissertation. My learning experience at Lancaster University has helped me be methodical and practical. Additionally, the risk management modules included in my Master, as well as the CFA Level I and II curriculum, helped me prepare for my job role. My future goals are to develop at EY and pass CFA Level III.