Portrait photograph of: Amy Neave

Amy Neave

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BSc Accounting and Finance (Industry), 2017

Amy completed her placement with National Grid in Warwick.

I chose to take a placement year as I thought it was a great opportunity to get some valuable work experience, and to check that Finance was really what I wanted to do long term. I thought it would enable me to develop as a person, and hopefully also prove useful for my final year back at university. 

My placement was split into two roles. I spent the first half working in a team that does a lot of work to ensure that Finance is compliant with regulation etc., and also helps to bring and coordinate as the teams within Finance together. My other role was completely different, and more what I expected when going into a Finance role. It was a team that looked after the Finances of a part of the business. I was able to get involved with year end, monthly accounting, and help with some parts of the year end audit.

I have had two completely different roles meaning I gained a broad experience, and also met a lot of different people of all seniority levels. I have been stretched during my placement, but fully supported as well with someone always willing to help if I needed it. I have met some great people and had a great social experience as well. As a result the year has been thoroughly amazing and such good fun.

Whilst I don’t see myself in one of those types of roles long term, it was really valuable to see that side of Finance, and the type of work in that role really enabled me to get to know a lot of people within Finance, especially managers while was a very valuable experience for the second half of my placement.

I hope to return to National Grid once I finish university. The skills I have learned, especially in communication, will help me be much more effective in a new role from the start. I have learned valuable skills in working in a team, managing work load and overcoming challenges. All of these will be useful in any future role, and my final year at university. 

The LUMS Careers Team provided valuable support in helping me understand how to submit a successful application, and how to prepare for an interview or assessment centre. This meant I felt prepared and knew what to expect from my very first interview.