Portrait photograph of: Gulahmed Maqsood

Gulahmed Maqsood

Country Of Origin: Pakistan

Degree: MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice, 2017

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is like my second home now. I did my undergrad here as well in BSc Hons Accounting and Finance (2011-2015). When I had to decide in regards to where I should go for my postgrad, I am happy to say that I just came back home. The LUMS environment makes you feel at ease. It gives you an opportunity to try new things and makes you stronger and ready to be challenged by your peers. Most important thing that attracted me to LUMS was the diversity of its students and faculty and I think it is very important in developing future networks. 

Why did you choose your particular programme?

After working in Audit for 15 months in the EY London Office I decided to change my career plans. I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial. I like to think out of the box and do not believe in working by the book. I believe that it's more creative when you work outside your comfort zone. My aim in life is to add value in whichever field I go into and be innovative. I strongly believe that innovation can change anything and everything. This is the reason I decided to do my MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice under the supervision of Sascha Walter and Josip Kotlar.

What are you enjoying most about your programme?

The most important thing that I love about my programme is that I get challenged every single day by my peers and mentors. I believe that being challenged will make me robust for future endeavours. One more thing that I like about my programme is that our ideas and solutions are valued and they are always taken into consideration. Teachers and mentors running the MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice (EIP) programme are highly qualified and experienced and they are always willing to help. 

Tell us about your best Lancaster moment so far.

Well, I will have to be honest here that there is not any one day which was best. Every single day which I spent in LUMS is better than the previous day. 

What are your plans after graduating from LUMS?

After finishing my MSc from LUMS, I plan to work in the Corporate Entrepreneurship sector for a couple of years before I start my own venture. I am also learning Spanish this academic year which I believe will help me broaden my horizons and network.