Portrait photograph of: Robert Kriegl

Robert Kriegl

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2016

Project Manager, Aldi

I did my Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Nuremberg, Germany. Afterwards, I decided to take part in a dual MSc degree programme with LUMS and Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal. My main motivation to join Lancaster, and specifically the MSc Advanced Marketing Management programme, was the excellent marketing reputation at the university.

When looking back at the programme, I particularly enjoyed the combination of theory in the lectures and the practical approach through group work and individual papers. Our lecturers were helping us to think more critically about marketing and to question and challenge the status quo. Moreover, it was very interesting to work with students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Lancaster University has a widespread and active campus, which offers many possibilities for students to enjoy their free time. There are a huge variety of different societies and clubs that students can participate in. For me, it was essential to enhance my skills and take part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, I participated in the Lancaster Award to further increase my horizon and prepare me for a career after my studies. Additionally, I was also playing for the Graduate College football team on campus. What is more, the excellent study facilities and the newly re-furbished library gave all students a good working environment for their challenging, but also enjoyable study topics.

I did a dual-MSc programme with Lancaster University and Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Due to the twofold character of the programme, I was able to get a deeper insight into business administration in the first year and could specialise into my preferred area of marketing in the second MSc year. Nevertheless, I really liked the option that students have to take part in these particular projects.

Especially in the first couple of weeks, I perceived the MSc Advanced Marketing Management programme as very demanding and challenging, since you had to focus on many different tasks and projects at the same time. However, it clearly helped me to change my way of thinking. I particularly learned that there are many different points of views and solutions to a certain problem.  All in all, I am more than happy to have chosen this programme. The learning, as well as cultural experience, was amazing and will clearly help me for my future career path.

A very big help for my career search was the support of the Career Advisor in the marketing department at LUMS, who assisted me in creating my English CV as well as advancing my cover letter writing skills. Moreover, taking part in the Lancaster Award helped me to further elaborate on my personal strengths and weaknesses and additionally assisted me in think more critically about my future career path.

I recently joined Danone Waters in Germany, where I work as a Junior Manager for marketing and sales of their particular brands, Volvic and Evian. My aim is to gain a deeper understanding about the dynamic FMCG industry in general, while working for one of the key players in the market. I have an overall goal to do a PhD in a marketing related topic in the future. My time in Lancaster showed me that doing research is something that I am taking into consideration for my potential career path.