Portrait photograph of: Mike Pelz

Mike Pelz

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: MSc ITMOC, 2017

Business Consultant , networks direkt GmbH

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

I chose to study at LUMS, as LUMS is one of the best management schools in UK and provides programmes that fit my career plan to start a career in consulting.  The ITMOC programme corresponded with my passion for technology and consulting.  LUMS had a huge potential as well as opportunities and expertise in bridging the gap between strategy, technology & organisational change, which represents a significant task for businesses around the world.  

What did you like most about your degree?

I really appreciated the internationality of students and the cultural exchange when working in intercultural teams and groups.  Further, the combination of theory and praxis throughout almost all modules was brilliant and in perfect balance to provide excellent learning experience.  The numerous workshops and seminars from well-known managers of multinational enterprises are one example of the praxis side of the modules, in which we all gained a lot of insights. As a result, I made a lot of new relationships and engaged in the opportunities to establish networks and connections with business people from well-known companies. Also I enjoyed the numerous opportunities to spend the leisure time, such as various sport and business societies, as well as college sport teams.

What was your involvement in university life?

I was a sports officer of the postgraduate college and was a social representative of the ITMOC programme. Moreover, I was a member of the following societies: Consulting Society, Bright Futures Society, Rowing Society, Calisthenics Society, and Grad College football team. 

Did you do a company project/research within a company as part of your degree?  

I did a research project with ISS at Lancaster University, where I gained insights in the complexity of coordinating the IT infrastructure and systems for a company comprising numerous of different departments. I made valuable contacts and increased my network, which further helped me to improve my communication skills. Further, working closely with different people from different departments and hierarchical levels I improved my project management and interpersonal skills. Finally, the project with ISS prepared myself for the upcoming work in business, and helped me to understand the complexity of implementing new technology and IT systems.

How would you summarise your experience at Lancaster?

The experience at Lancaster can be best described as amazing but simultaneously very intensive time that perfectly prepared me for the work as a consultant and helped me to have an overwhelming experience that I will never forget.  I am glad that I decided to spend the year in Lancaster, as I have learned many new skills, expanded my knowledge in different areas, especially in terms of questioning the role of technology, and made a lot of new friends.

How the skills you gained during your time at Lancaster are helping/ will help you in your role?

The preparation sessions with LUMS Careers and the various networking events and workshops helped me to establish a valuable network that I could benefit from when writing applications.  The focus during the ITMOC programme on technology and simultaneously organisational change was valued from different employers and completed my CV, which in turn helped me to pass the first stages of application processes.