Portrait photograph of: Fabian Fluche

Fabian Fluche

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: MSc Politics, Philosophy & Management, 2017

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

LUMS was my first choice for further studies based on two reasons. Firstly, I was searching for a more interdisciplinary approach based on my purely profit driven experiences in the financial industry. Therefore, PPM was the perfect choice because it provides you with tools to reflect in a more holistic manner and to integrate a social dimension. Secondly, the reputation of LUMS and the opportunity to be part of a worldwide recognised UK-University attracted me. 

What did you like most about your degree?

What I enjoyed most during my degree was the chance to follow my own research interest. We not only chose virtually all our modules, we also had the chance to formulate our own research questions. While having this freedom, the support of the supervisors was just fantastic. For instance, I was privileged to have Professor Bogdan Costea as my supervisor in the final dissertation and can only highlight the instructive and often mind-blowing input that I received. It is clear for me that without his advice the result for this work would be very different.

What was your involvement in university life?

Besides studying, the life on the campus was very familial. Over the year you could really feel how people developed a sense of community and I am more than grateful for the new and lifelong friends from all over the globe (which I hope to visit in an unselfish manner of course!). Maybe the never-ending evenings in “GradBar” played an essential part in that. I also joined the rowing club which was literally a breath-taking experience. With a fantastic crew we pushed each other six times a week to our limits. While competing all over the UK, it was impressive to see how fellow students invest so much time and energy into this club and the university itself. 

How would you summarise your experience at Lancaster?

The overall experience at Lancaster was life enhancing in various ways. It not only inspired me for academic research, it also gave me the chance to be part of an international community, for which I will continue to be a passionate alumnus for my whole life. 

How the skills you gained during your time at Lancaster are helping you?

Driven by the wish for further academic experiences, I joined the ‘Post-Master-Programme’ enabled by LUMS and their international partner universities. Choosing the Higher School of Economics in Moscow has given me not only the chance to see a very different approach of academic work, it also has provided the chance to enjoy student life in an incredible city for a little longer. While contrasting and complementing my western perception of the world, I have time to think about what comes next. I am now considering doing a PhD which is something I never even imagined before coming to Lancaster, which really shows how much I have enjoyed this year.