Portrait photograph of: Julie Dumaine

Julie Dumaine

Country Of Origin: Canada

Degree: MSc International Executive Management (IMPM), 2017

Manager of Medical Imaging, Montreal University Health Centre

Why did you choose to do the IMPM?

To expand my knowledge of managing public and private organisations and to be exposed in a worldly manner to different evolving organisational cultures.

What surprised you the most about the program?

How the principles are similar for managing teams across the globe but at the same how demographics and economics influences the ways in which managerial leadership plays out.

What are the key skills gained that you have used most?

Self-awareness, composure and resilience amidst complex change and the ability to support and lead through difficult times which was acquired by in-depth analysis throughout the five IMPM modules.

What have you learned about yourself?

  • I learned that I have the ability, confidence and strategic knowledge as an executive leader within my organisation.
  • I learned how to influence within your organisation and how listening and speaking authentically yields trust. 
  • I learned that power, discourse and flexibility are paramount for one’s survival within a changing context.
  • I learned I could write really well when I am engaged fully academically. 
  • I enjoyed interacting with people from across the globe either academically or about managerial realities as well as making lifetime friends in some instances.

Your advice for future IMPM students.

Be steadfast at writing and prepared to invest yourself fully into the modules’ readings and activities in order to reap the life changing benefits of the IMPM.