Portrait photograph of: Katerina Martini

Katerina Martini

Country Of Origin: Greece

Degree: MSc Finance, 2017

Private Banking Associate, Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

After graduating from the department of European and International Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, I was well aware of the need to elevate my knowledge in finance to the next level, both on an academic and practical level. I knew that a suitable postgraduate program would give me the chance to achieve such a goal. Among many important options, for me, LUMS was the best choice for two particular reasons: Firstly, LUMS is a highly-ranked School, owning an exceptional position in the list of the UK universities, according to a great range of criteria. For instance, the fact that more than the ¾ of the graduating class of 2016 was in employment in only three months after graduation (FT, 2016) was a very encouraging factor to me. Secondly, the fact that Lancaster University is not located in a large UK city, which are usually associated with fast rhythms of life and long distances, was a great advantage for me, because when time is limited I believe that living in a small town really makes life easier (and during a master’s degree, time is limited indeed!).

Describe your time at LUMS in three words:

Exciting, valuable and challenging. 

What was the best thing about your course?

The MSc in Finance is a well-structured programme that includes a great range of modules. Moreover, students are taught by highly knowledgeable and crucially helpful academics. One thing that I really liked about my course is the fact that through the interchange of ideas and views, as well as through my participation in group projects, I believe that I contributed to the learning experience of the class.

What are your best memories of your time at Lancaster?

If I look back to my life in Lancaster, I would say that the best memories come from the endless hours of cooperation between me and my classmates during our assignments and projects and the effort we used to exert in order to succeed as a team for the team, my new multicultural friends, the days we spent together in the University Library, the nights we were hanging out, sharing our personal histories, our dreams and our goals. Even when I look back at the moments that were not quite pleasant to me (anxiety and pressure are parts of life, aren't they?), I now consider them as valuable memories, because those moments made me stronger and well-prepared for an arguably important part of my life, my job.

What impact has your Lancaster experience had on your career?

I am currently working as a Private Banking Associate in Eurobank Private Bank in Luxembourg. Without a doubt, I believe that I would not have managed to get this position, and more importantly, to cope with the daily duties of this position, if I had not lived the Lancaster experience. My master’s degree and my life as a student was a kind of a micrography of my current life as an employee; it was a well-worthy preparation for what I was willing to do next. LUMS provided me with wide knowledge in the field of Finance, that I now use to complete my working tasks. But above all, it taught me how to be self-sufficient.